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Three days trekking tour and cultural discovery

  • Day 1:
    7 hours 15min walk and 753m ascent and 710m descent.
  • Day 2:
    6 hours 30 minutes walk and 520m ascent and 780m descent.
  • Day 3:
    5 hours 30 minutes walk and 545m ascent and 450m descent.

A short transfer to taste the local comfort taxi brousse at the end of the trek.

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Day 01

7 hours 15min walk and 753m ascent and 710m descent.

Departure by car from Fianarantsoa and drive south for about 20 km on the RN 7. We leave the road to tackle a climb on a plateau used for agriculture at the foot of the Somaina Mountain. Here begins your immersion into the depth of the Betsileo world! The path takes us on a mountain trail; after heading over a pass, a new landscape already floods your vision. We will begin to climb up the Somaina Mountain, and on the way we will stop at different viewpoints. Upon arrival at the summit, you will be rewarded with an exceptional view that you will continue to contemplate during the descent. After crossing through the middle of large blocks of granite, and passing through a remnant of primary mountain forest, you will arrive at the foot of a beautiful rock face where we will have our first campsite.

Day 02

6 hours 30 minutes walk and 520m ascent and 780m descent.

After breakfast in the cool of the dawn, the day begins with a small climb that will quickly warm you up. We will pass at the foot of the cliff of Vohimarina (‘the flat mountain’), a sight that you can’t take your eyes off! Then, a little further, we will cross the village with the same name, where you purchase a few rare goods and drink a shot before leaving for the valley of Vohibe (‘the great mountain’). This area is deserted of forest and you will be left wondering how people manage to live here, heat their houses and cook. The tradition of zebu farming with its endless pastures is very much felt here. New mountain, and yet another beauty show stretches before your eyes, shaped by the magic of nature and the action of man. On the surrounding slopes live some lemurs that you might be able to spot with some luck. The path winds along a pleasant river that will take you to your next campsite located at the foot of a magnificent cliff shaped by the erosion similar to the rocks of Isalo. A little present waits for you before sunset: It's time for our friends the ring tailed lemurs to come out of their hiding place and come close to the village to eat fruits. You will be able to hear their characteristic cries that indicate their presence. Back to the village to this remote campsite at the end of the world.

Day 03

5 hours 30 minutes walk and 545m ascent and 450m descent.

Wake up with our lemur friends at dawn ready to observe them in their natural habitat. This charming Betsileo village is at the cultural border with the Bara whose influences can be felt, especially by the number of large zebu herds, and the tombs perched on the cliffs. This cultural mix contributes to the richness of these quiet places. We leave in the direction of the pass that will take us to Ambalavao after a beautiful climb from the foot of the Vohibe peak culminating at 2071m. Arrival at the pass to discover an exceptional landscape with the massif of Andringitra, and the ‘reclining woman Mountain’ right in front of you. And to finish, a little stop at the edge of pretty waterfalls and some natural pools, in the bed of this torrent river that has carved these wonders for your greatest joy. A few more steps before arriving on the track where a vehicle of local standard awaits you to take you back to Ambalavao. The tour is over, but the memories of this trek will stay with you to remind you that all this was not a dream!

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