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Two days trekking

  • Day 1 :

Approximately 02 hours of car ride, 5 hours of walk with 703m of ascent & 257m of descent

  • Day 2 :

8 hours of walk with 669m of ascent & 1.112m of descent, approximately 02 hours of car ride back to Ambalavao



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Day 1

5 hours of walk with 703m of ascent & 257m of descent

To get to this region full of history, we leave Ambalavao in the direction of the rural municipality of Ambohimahamasina on a 45 km long dirt track. From the centre of the town, we will start a 1h30 hike north towards Vohimarina Andepo. In this village one can find a large number of lambagasy weavers who have practiced this craft over many generations. In the past, the material used to make this fabric was wild silk, but this practice has been lost over time and the silk has been replaced by cotton. However, a number of people would like to revive the old tradition: a silk farming workshop was born in Ambalavao and some NGO still support this initiative in its activities. After passing this village, a difficult first part of the hike through eucalyptus forests and grassy savannahs, will lead us to the Ambondrombe primary forest. A traditional guide will accompany us: he is the guardian of the mountain, the indispensable person who realizes the Saotra, (a ritual to ask for permission to the ancestors) necessary for the smooth progress of the ascent. During three hours of walking, we will move through a rainforest whose sacred character has been left untouched by the nuisance of human activity. This hike will interrupted by short breaks to admire the rich flora of this mountain. Most of plant species found here are endemic to Madagascar: epiphyte orchids, tree ferns, impatiens plants etc. Our guide will take the time to explain the use of these plants for daily life or traditional medicine. After having grasped the magic of some of them, we will continue to the camp of Andragnombazaha, where we will set up the campsite for the night. We will sleep in the middle of the forest, in absolute calm and silence.

Day 2

8 hours of walk with 669m of ascent & 1.112m of descent

This day represents the second stage of the ascent of Ambondrombe: one of the most difficult hikes, however, it releases a mystical character because only few people have arrived at the summit before you. In addition, this mountain is known throughout the country for welcoming Malagasy souls and for harbouring strange phenomena ... After an early start, we will advance through primary forest. For about three hours, we will climb two peaks to reach the last, the highest, bare of all vegetation. From there, a breathtaking view of the Andringitra massif, Tanala country and the whole town of Ambohimahamasina is offered to us. We will then begin the descent to the camp, from where we will do a little detour to go to the summit of Ampitarafa: the ascent is very short, but the view from here, too, is great. Indeed, the heather forest replaces the humid dense forest, and the landscape is revealed for miles around. Picnic lunch and after lunch the descent continues. We invite you to wander through rice fields to reach the main settlement of the area to take the car and return to Ambalavao.

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