Destination: The Highlands of Madagascar

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Type Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Toyota Hiace or Renault Trafic. Ideal for larger group and suitable for most of the paved roads and some of the dirt roads of Madagascar.

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The Mystical Ambondrombe

Two days trekking in the region of Ambohimahamasina with ascent of the sacred mountain of Ambondrombe, a mystical mountain surrounded by beliefs that it is the resting place of the souls of the Malagasy people after death. A circuit that combines adventure with real encounters with local people. Participating in this tour means contributing to the protection of the forest corridor and the cultural value of the site.

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Village in Tsaranoro Valley

Crossing Andringitra

Four days trekking within the Andringitra Massif, the ascent of Peak Boby and a loop that will give the opportunity to discover the highly varied landscape and the vegetation of the plateaus located at the foot of huge granite rock faces.

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